Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some art shows and their impact

I’ve had some work in a few art shows lately. They were just small shows but it’s been fun to be involved with the low brow art community here in Atlanta and to be able to share my stuff with like-minded folks. It’s been great for my growth too, as the shows were themed, which has forced me to rethink my entire approach to making art. But that’s another story I'm still writing. For now I just wanna share a little about the last 2 shows and the work that I had in them. Please click the images to visit them on Deviant Art and then click again to view at their full size.

Done for the annual Windows show at Mint Gallery in the heart of Atlanta ( The gallery gave contributing artists a window, recycled from a demolished building to use as their canvas. I got involved late and initially felt like I got a crappy window - but really I just expected something different, and I think all the windows were pretty much the same anyway. In the end I’m pretty happy with how the piece came out. I just wish the concept read a bit better.

Which is: In the near future, humanity will fall to a terrible plague. If you don’t believe, just turn on CNN for a few minutes. Anyway, in the absence of us, vegetation thrives, swallowing much of the footprint of humanity. Trees evolve into huge conscious beings that radiate life force. The few humans that survive worship them like gods and attend to their every need. Or something along those lines...

Big Fat Delicious by ~ryshu on deviantART

This one was for the “To Dough or to Donut” art show at Sublime Doughnuts in Midtown Atlanta. The show will stay hung for a month and pieces are for sale. If you live in the area and are interested in checking out some great local low-brow talent or just want to experience the best donut Atlanta has to offer, Sublime is at the corner of 10th and Hemphill - right by GA Tech.

Anyway - this is my piece. Conceptually I think it speaks for itself. Technically, kind of a new direction I’ve been working in. Using as much recycled and found material as possible and then working in my own drawing and painting. The style is still developing but I like the direction it's going. These works have really been created to see in person, especially because of the textural and relief nature of them. The photos just don't do them justice. But I digress. I worked on the donut piece almost non-stop over 3 long days and nights. And while I’m happy with the overall outcome, after some rest and time away from it, I feel it could use a little more polish. If it doesn’t sell I’ll probably work it a bit more - but don’t let that stop you from buying it. :)  

Well, thanks for stopping by - and a huge thanks if you made it out for either event.

Much Love- Ryan


  1. i really love the trees piece. the new style is really working for you.

  2. really really love the trees piece.

  3. these are great dude...the mixed media thing works well for you.

    I agree that the doughnut piece could be pushed further though, and that george bush photo totally distracts me from the rest of the comp.

    Overall nice execution...congrats!

  4. Time to write a new blog, Dude! Let's see the comic!!!

    I love the tree piece. The idea of using windows as a canvas always seems a little folk-arty to me so it's cool to see professional artists use this and make it look it more polished.

    Had you either played Plants vs. Zombies or watched "The Happening" prior to conceptualizing this piece, by chance?