Thursday, March 19, 2009

Camp Crystal Lake Reunion

I exhibited some drawings last weekend in a "Horror Rock n Art Show" as it was billed. It was at East Atlanta's Ice House, which has a restaurant on one side and a nice show space/bar on the other. See Flyer:

There was a pretty nice turnout, but the focus was definitely on the music, more so than the art. Which was cool actually, all the bands that played were entertaining and the crowd was diggin it. Some of my friends were doing live painting that I contributed to a bit. I didn't sell anything, in fact I don't think anyone did, but I was happy just to have my work out there in front of people and ended up getting some positive comments because of it. Here are the pieces that I showed (please click on images to see them full size):

"Famished" Pen, Pencil, and Marker on off white paper - I did this piece especially for the event and am really happy with it. I'm really loving working with markers and pens lately.

"Foot Fetish" Pen and Marker on paper - This was the original idea for the "Famished" image above. I decided to go with a cleaner image for that piece, but when I had some extra time before the event, decided to flesh this one out, too. Pun intended.

"Disco Demon" Pen and Marker on Marker paper - I drew this back in January and really like the style of it. I thought that it sort of fit with the show and brought it in to exhibit.

Big thanks to Chris Hamer, Chris Shu, Craig Henderson, and the Ice House. Hope we get a chance to do it again soon. 

Yur Bud - Ry

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  1. These are great. I am really sorry I missed that show.
    - Alyssa